Stop Damage of Low-Quality Teachers

The Dropout Nation Podcast show

Summary: On this week’s <a href="">Dropout Nation Podcast</a>, RiShawn Biddle looks at a legendary magazine cover offering a reward for information to convict rogue cops, and explains why we should work hard to remove laggard and criminally-abusive teachers from classrooms.<br> You can <a href="">listen</a> to the Podcast at RiShawn Biddle Radio or <a href="">download</a> directly to your mobile or desktop device. Also, <a href="">subscribe</a> to the podcast series, and <a href="">embed</a> this podcast on your site. It is also available on <a href="">iTunes</a>, <a href="">Blubrry</a>, <a href="">Stitcher</a>, and <a href="">PodBean</a>.<br>