46: Bahamas Boat Bedcast

Bliss Bringers - Sex, Swinging & Kink Podcast show

Summary: The entire team jumps on the big bed in the Captain's catamaran in the Bahamas.  We catch up on what everybody has been doing.<br> <br> * We just completed the "<a href="http://blissbringers.com/beachbody" target="_blank">Beachbody cruise</a>" with about 6000 well-trained bodies stuck on a boat.<br> * Captain is chartering the boat for "AirBB" and kinky travel.  (<a href="mailto:boating@blissbringers.com">Drop him a line if interested: boating@blissbringers.com</a>).<br> * Villain Jon is coding away on his <a href="https://myplaydar.com/" target="_blank">new super-secret sexy project</a>.<br> * SinD is getting swingers into sexy shape.  (If you want to be trained by her, <a href="mailto:sind@blissbringers.com" target="_blank">send her a mail</a>)<br> * The girls agree: <a href="https://blissbringers.com/celebrator" target="_blank">the celebrator</a> is the best vibrator you can own (you even hear it in action)<br> <br> If you like a cruise with sexy swingers, we recommend "<a href="https://blissbringers.com/cruise" target="_blank">Couple Cruises</a>".<br>  <br>