THoC Episode #61

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show! show

Summary: The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #61 !!! A tantalizingly titular time of road trip mayhem! Join us as we roam the north-eastern side of Ohio with Velocity Boy in our taped-up Cuckoo-mobile! And boy, is he ever full of velocity in this mix! But that's not all! There's plenty of other CUCKOO FUN: We sing an underwear song, get some windshields licked, blast a boss with true feelings, hear a debate about falling up stairs, & get to sample the newest Asswax JoyCat! Plus so much more! Music Guests: 'Anthony Barbarich' & 'Yui Karlberg w/Jenifer Divine'! Grab your turkey-jerky and bottled iced-tea and jump in for a ride to the Cuckoo side! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #61 !!! It's CUCKOO...! CUCKOO...! .