Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort

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Summary: An interview with Morley Schloss who tells us about Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort. Recorded in February 2015 just before the start of the annual mid-winter naturist festival. Links to items mentioned in the show: Northeast Naturist FestivalEmpire Haven Nudist ParkEpisode 22, August 2010 - An interview with Morley SchlossThe official INF definition of naturism: the official report and YNA's articleSunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort2015 mid-Winter Naturist Festival at SunsportPhoto: Morley Schloss and Stéphane Deschênes at Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort, February 10, 2015. Play Now Episode LXXXI Note: this episode was originally incorrectly identified as episode 80.