NCN - Fapcore 2016

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Summary: Note--Subject matter, and some language may be NSFW. Listener Discretion Advised. NCN invites you to get a grip, as you rock out with your... headphones ON while listening to this sonically risque' radio ride. Yes, a new show all about... THAT. Kind of a taboo subject, but well, hell when has that ever stopped us? A companion piece to NCN - Bootycore 2014, this program was originally webcast on March 20th, 2016--to about a dozen people--and hosted by (the late) James Mason, and features a wide variety of musical remixes and comedic treatments about humanity's favorite solitary pastime. An attempt to normalize an increasingly relevant cultural topic, in a hopefully tasteful and entertaining manner, by providing a cultural overview of its various treatments in music and comedy. A 3-hour semi-psychedelic 'syntopical' mix.