NCN - Music Mashup Movie - Floydatar (Part 02)

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Summary: PART 2: of the serialization of FLOYDATAR, the Pink Floyd / Avatar (2009) mash-up movie project from 2010 put together by Phineas Narco and The National Cynical Network. In this sequence, Jake Sully, in the avatar body, tries out his new legs and meets up with Grace's avatar. Can you spot the slight added visual 'psychedelicism' near the beginning of this sequence? This scene is set to the rousing piece, 'Astronomy Domine' by Pink Floyd. We segue into 'Welcome to the Machine' as Jake is shown the base and debriefed by The Colonel. Later on, he goes on an expedition into the jungles of Pandora. - Running Time for this (Part 2) is: 9min. 54sec. with more to come! Stay tuned!