NCN - The Trump / Fascism Show

				National Cynical Network Archives

Summary: Originally webcast on January 14th, 2016 - Excerpts from fascist-oriented commentary collage pieces by NCN from years past; and some more current remixes of Donald Trump in the current political race, from around the web, are mixed with excerpts from various mixes by other artists about fascism including The Unforgiven's 'Il Duce, Ha Sempre Ragione' mix from Mixcloud, and tracks from a Mabson Enterprises compilation album. Includes the new parody song, 'Unelectable' by Phinny, and excerpts from Episode 41 of the NCN Midnight Voicejail series entitled 'Conspiracies, Cover-ups and Crimes' poking some fun at anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory of KFJC, our old stomping grounds. A 3-hour mix, in all.