44: Bawdy Storytelling and the Folsom Slave

Bliss Bringers - Sex, Swinging & Kink Podcast show

Summary: We got an incredible deal for you today, just in time for the holidays!  This episode is a double feature:<br> We visited "<a href="http://bawdystorytelling.com/" target="_blank">Bawdy Storytelling</a>" and spoke with the ever unstoppable "<a href="https://twitter.com/Bawdy" target="_blank rel=">Dixie De La Tour</a>" about her concept of erotic storytelling as an art form, changing the community and ... fisting on a first date.<br> As is a yearly ritual, we also hit "<a href="http://www.folsomstreetfair.com/">Folsom Street Faire</a>", after which we interview "Marcello", who works as a performer on stage an in <a href="http://www.kink.com/model/46090" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">various videos for Kink.com</a> and others.  He talks about the porn industry, being a professional slave and performing in front of an audience.<br> All the images from both event are available in <a href="http://blissbringers.com/kasidie">our Kasidie group</a>, since that has proven the best way to keep the kids out.<br>