(2015-07-05) God Will Not Be Mocked

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Summary: Sermon titled "God Will Not Be Mocked" given on Sunday July 5, 2015. Size: 6.5 MB; duration: 18:50. On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court mocked the good Lord. Instead of looking towards Mt. Sinai for answers, they looked towards Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Our president called evil good and lit up the White House in the colors of a perverse pride making our nation a target for Divine retribution. St. Augustine said, Lex iniusta non est lex...An unjust law is not a law. Whether a positive human law is constitutional or not is not the primary question. Rather the question of a particular law being approved or not primarily comes down to this, namely, does it mirror the higher law or at least in no way does it violate God's order in creation. Human courts, human executives, human lawmakers, and human voters at the ballot box cannot change the Mind of God. The Most High will not be mocked. Human beings might be physically and psychologically free to choose against the Eternal and natural law, but they are never morally free to do so. We must work to Christianize the governing documents of our nation or else we will continue to have heathen laws. We must also have an uncompromising resistance within our extended families, our workplace, our society, and yes our Church, to any movement that seeks to revolt against the Divine Order of things. Rainbow sashes and Pink Triangles are unwelcome and excluded from our midst, for they broadcast their iniquity.