Live From the Visitors Section: The Jurassic Lebron Jon Snow Show

 Visitors Section show

Summary: Join Josh and Mike or "Hosts" as they would liked to be called from here on out as they go through a jurassformation of worlds. They are at E3 Press Conference with Dinosexuals. Christo Pratt stops bye to talk about his new film in which he rides a motorcycle next to woman in hover-arounds. They have the shoe worn by Dez Bryant as he made his announcement to retire for only two games if he isn't paid millions dollars in pennies within 30 days.I think Josh has his intouch moment with the gaming community or "puddles of tears" as he calls them. 'Game of Thrones' talk, more like dirty talk, huh? awhhh yeah.   You ever notice how sports don't stop? Tonight they do for a very special epsiode of the Visitors Section as we take a moment to talk about all the other things that took this place this week that didn't have Finals anywhere near the title. (Finale is techically not finals per say, I mean I know what you're arguing but I'm telling you that you're wrong. I can do that because you're are. Jon Snow isn't dead. Are you happy now? I'll ruin this whole story line for everyone!)