(2014-12-07) Sloth in Recreation and Gift Giving

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Summary: Sermon titled "Sloth in Recreation and Gift Giving" given on Sunday December 7, 2014. Size: 7.9 MB; duration: 22:59. Sloth, one of the seven deadly sins, takes its name from the Old English "slow-th" meaning that the slothful man is slow in fulfilling his duties. He can fail in his duties either by being lazy or by being a workaholic in doing many things that ought not be done at this time and place. Thus, sloth is simply defined as not doing what you are supposed to be doing when you are supposed to be doing it. When we are slothful, then we are not under the umbrella of God's grace and sin comes readily and quickly. We get angry, lustful, curious, and arrogant. This is why sloth is a deadly sin: it gives birth to a host of other sins. Recreation is one of the areas where man is very slothful in our culture such that he becomes slothful in the midst of his amusements. This Christmas, let's strive to give gifts that help our loved ones fulfill their duties rather than distract them and make them slothful.