(2014-12-08) Virgo Potens: The Power of the Immaculate Conception

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Summary: Sermon titled "Virgo Potens: The Power of the Immaculate Conception" given on Monday December 8, 2014. Size: 7.1 MB; duration: 20:48. Our Lady in her Immaculate Conception is Virgo Potens: Virgin Most Powerful. Pope Pius XII tells us her power is nearly infinite, being associated intimately with Her Son and King. He explains that she has this power not only by divine association but also by conquest. This is because she was conceived immaculate in the Divine Mind at the beginning of Creation at the same time as Her Lord and King. This places her outside of the envelope of sin opened by the devil and Adam. This places her before the creation of all other things: angels, men, Sun, Moon, etc. Thus, she has dominion over them all. This means she can conquer all things -- demons, temptations, sinful habits, etc. -- if only we turn to her. Virgo Potens, ora pro nobis!