(2014-12-14) Apollinarianism and the Saving of Animals

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Summary: Sermon titled "Apollinarianism and the Saving of Animals" given on Sunday December 14, 2014. Size: 8.3 MB; duration: 24:08. On this Gaudete Sunday, the Church gives us many reasons for rejoicing. Among them, She gives timeless truths that help us to block out and drain away all the foul, fetid and lying waters of the devil (cf. Apoc. 12). Apollinarius (c. 360) held that the Logos or Word of God replaced the rational part of the Christ, leaving His lower soul to be same as that of an animal soul. If the Christ took up an animal soul, then animals could be redeemed! After all the Fathers taught: what is taken up by Christ is redeemed by Christ. This Apollinarian heresy was condemned by Pope Saint Damasus I as well as Saint Athanasius and First Council of Constantinople (381). Yet, this heresy seems to have come back in our times with the thought that animals can enter into paradise. Also: a discussion of how the Tilma of Saint Juan Diego acts as a mirror for the Church, teaching us many important and edifying lessons.