FCV009 Playful Learning Equals Brain Gains, Deborah McNelis

Family Confidential: Secrets of Successful Parenting with Annie Fox, M.Ed. show

Summary: When Deborah McNelis started teaching kindergarten 30 years ago, parents' involvement in their children's education was very limited. Today's parents are highly motivated to help their kids progress. Knowing about brain development is key to that progress! Annie talks with Deborah McNelis about ways to use current data on early brain development to help children become all they can be. About Deborah McNelis Deborah McNelis is a educator with 30+ years experience. She is also a presenter/author on early brain development for the benefit of families, schools & business, as well as the founder of Brain Insights, a company dedicated to "making early brain development common knowledge." Deborah's workshops topics for parents and educators include: "Pink or Blue Gender Difference Related to Learning" and "The Possible Effects of Poverty on Brain Development." She presented at the National Association for Early Childhood Education, International Parenting 2.0 Summit and the National Family Literacy Conference. Learn more at http://braininsightsonline.com and http://www.braininsightsnow.com Copyright © 2009-2018 Annie Fox and Electric Eggplant. All Rights Reserved.