FCV032 Parents as Stress-busters, Lori Lite

Family Confidential: Secrets of Successful Parenting with Annie Fox, M.Ed. show

Summary: Twenty-first century family life can be stressful, with parents and kids juggling obligations and schedules that would have made our parents' 20th century minds come unglued. And yet we manage... most of the time... with patience and good-humor. But at those moments when we are stressed to the max, what do we typically do? And when we do what we typically do, what are we teaching our kids about managing stress? Annie talks to Lori Lite, founder of Stress Free Kids, about simple and effective ways parents can teach calmness... something every family could use more of. About Lori Lite Lori Lite is the founder of Stress Free Kids®. She has created a line of books and CDs designed to help children, teens, and adults decrease stress, lower anxiety and control anger. As a parent, Lori spent two hours every single night trying to settle her young son down to sleep. Her daughter developed stress related night terrors and Lori herself became sick from anxiety. In an effort to help her family she created a story for her children that would entertain them while introducing them to research-based relaxation techniques. That moment began a journey that now includes 8 books, 10 CDs, a curriculum and lesson plans. Lori's titles are used by parents, psychologists, therapists, child life specialists, teachers, and yoga instructors. A successful entrepreneur, Lori cut a deal on Shark Tank with Barbara Corcoran which helped her greatly increase her sales and grow her business. Learn more at http://StressFreeKids.com Copyright © 2009-2018 Annie Fox and Electric Eggplant. All Rights Reserved.