GFY 055: Behind the Scenes with a Kindle Publishing Guru

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Summary: Interview with Steve Scott ( Creating a profitable online business isn’t as simple as reading the 4-hour Workweek, launching a website, and then voila! You’re rich!! It actually takes a lot more trial and error and 110% dedication to make the online business-thing work in the long-run. Lucky for you, my guest on this episode–Steve Scott–has travelled this road before you and conveniently bushwhacked a nice trail for you to follow in his footsteps. And that will make your path to success a lot shorter, more direct, and more fun. Steve Scott is an author of over 40 Kindle books.  On his blog––he writes extensively about what works and doesn’t work with Kindle publishing. Tune into this episode as I go behind-the-scenes with Steve to learn what it takes to really make an online business successful and capable of replacing your 9-to-5 income and then some. Plus, get the insider secrets for what it takes to be a crazy successful Kindle publisher. Cool stuff mentioned in this episode: Gary Vaynerchuk Brendan Bruchard 44 Answers to Your Kindle Publishing Questions Wedding Paper Divas Teespting Did this podcast rock your world?   If you liked this podcast, leave a review on iTunes!! You will be immediately showered in gold and diamonds and all things sparkly. Visit to check out the iTunes page. Plus…sharing this episode on social media will undoubtedly add to the glitter fest. Satisfaction is guaranteed. The post GFY 055: Behind the Scenes with a Kindle Publishing Guru appeared first on Go Fire Yourself.