Coinsider This Show 23 – Get a Job!

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Summary: On this episode of Coinsider This, Patrick talks about the Bitcoin job market and promotes the upcoming Bitcoin Job Fair in San Jose. We'll learn about cloud mining with an interview from Inside Bitcoins NYC with CloudHashing. Patrick expresses extreme disgust with a recent Bloomberg commentator regarding an exciting MIT experiment revolving around Bitcoin. Details about an upcoming debit card solution, the new Dark Wallet release, and more! We wrap up with an interview with CoinSafe, a consumer cold storage solution! Vote for Coinsider This in the upcoming Blockchain Awards, donate a few bits, and follow us on Twitter! Download MP3  (52MB, 1:48:08)   The following items were discussed on this show: Bitcoin Job Fair - Saturday, May 3 from 1PM to 5PM in San Jose - Get a Bitcoin job! - this weeks sponsor! Browse hundreds of Bitcoin jobs - and interview from Inside Bitcoins NYC MasterCard lobbing Washington - MasterCard files papers documenting an intent to lobby regarding bitcoin Bitcoin debit card - one company is promising an easy solution for purchasing anything with BTC MIT Bitcoin project mocked on Bloomberg - Bloomberg correspondent mocks MIT students about their Bitcoin club Bitcoin value on Bloomberg - Bloomberg is now providing pricing information to it's subscribers Dark Wallet released - a wallet that promotes itself as a money laundering tool for bitcoin - and interview from Inside Bitcoins NYC Vote for Coinsider This! - vote for us in the podcast category at the Blockchain Awards! I'd love to get feedback on the show - what did you like and what did you not like? Feel free to send questions, articles, topics or anything else to me directly at Please leave us a review on iTunes! If you enjoyed the show, coinsider letting me know with a tip! Bitcoin Tip Address for this show: 1GSepNwHeJw9AUxayQgdP25bP8hHvrCwiD