BITCOIN 2014: Wences Casares – Getting to a Billion Bitcoin Users

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Summary: How do we bring Bitcoin to the masses? And why should the masses care? Xapo founder and CEO Wences Casares will take us through the history of “money,” back 100,000 years to when humans first lent and bartered. Through this historical lens, Wences will challenge preconceived myths of what constitutes a currency and will lay out the qualities and functions of sound money. Wences will demonstrate Bitcoin’s similarities with the historical path of today’s traditional currencies, as well as its accelerated evolutionary process. Today it is a store of value, tomorrow it will be a payment mechanism, and in the near future it will be a unit of account. The conclusion: A billion Bitcoin users is inevitable. But how and when do we get there? Download MP3   I'd love to get feedback on the show - what did you like and what did you not like? Feel free to send questions, articles, topics or anything else to me directly at Please leave us a review on iTunes! If you enjoyed the show, coinsider letting me know with a tip! Bitcoin Tip Address for this show: 1GSepNwHeJw9AUxayQgdP25bP8hHvrCwiD