BITCOIN 2014: Jeremy Allaire – Bitcoin’s Mainstream Moment

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Summary: Bitcoin holds enormous potential to transform industry and society as much as the commercial Web did twenty years ago. From smart contracts to property to payments and insurance, Bitcoin promises vast improvements upon traditional systems of transaction and value exchange. However, Bitcoin’s breakthrough moment into the mainstream will likely be determined not by its ability to replace traditional financial systems, but by its capacity to integrate with and modernize consumer finance. In this keynote session, Circle CEO and Founder Jeremy Allaire examines global industry trends, regulatory developments, and product innovations that will accelerate the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and improve the way individuals and business use money. Download MP3   I'd love to get feedback on the show - what did you like and what did you not like? Feel free to send questions, articles, topics or anything else to me directly at Please leave us a review on iTunes! If you enjoyed the show, coinsider letting me know with a tip! Bitcoin Tip Address for this show: 1GSepNwHeJw9AUxayQgdP25bP8hHvrCwiD