BITCOIN 2014: Panel – The Buzz Around Bitcoin ATMs

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Summary: In November 2013, the world’s first Bitcoin ATM opened in Vancouver, Canada allowing users to exchange Bitcoin into cash and vice-versa. Since then, the market has evolved and a variety of Bitcoin ATMs are on the market. Businesses are working hard to make Bitcoin more appealing to people and easier for them to use in day-to-day transactions. The new Bitcoin ATMs will include features that allow people to do all sorts of banking transactions, including transferring or sending Bitcoin to people’s phone numbers instead of to a Bitcoin address. Yet for the average ‘man on the street’ who is unfamiliar with Bitcoin or with Bitcoin ATMs, access to machines is still relatively limited to urban areas and fashionable cafes. What needs to be done to encourage the spread of Bitcoin ATMs, to educate consumers about their full range of uses and to make sure the best market environment is in place for Bitcoin ATMs to become as common as fiat currency ATMs or even to replace them? Download MP3   I'd love to get feedback on the show - what did you like and what did you not like? Feel free to send questions, articles, topics or anything else to me directly at Please leave us a review on iTunes! If you enjoyed the show, coinsider letting me know with a tip! Bitcoin Tip Address for this show: 1GSepNwHeJw9AUxayQgdP25bP8hHvrCwiD