Sarah, The Walking Disaster

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Summary: Sarah Cohen means well, but the ex-diver’s hasty decisions wreak havoc on her life in Boston. Good thing Emerson is a phone call away in Syracuse, with a metaphorical mop to clean up the mess. Their long-distance friendship can be excruciating for him, though. Years after their brief college romance, he’s still in love with her. When everything goes wrong, Sarah takes another plunge: back to the scene of her last mistake, to start fresh. Unfortunately for Emerson, the move puts her too close for his comfort. In Laurie Boris’s novel “Sliding Past Vertical” Sarah’s attempts to straighten her life’s trajectory are sometimes amusing and sometimes catastrophic. But with Sarah the walking disaster around, is anyone really safe? More below the media player. Listen to Laurie Boris And watch the trailer for “Sliding Past Vertical”: Similar Posts: Should This Woman Kill Her Mother-in-Law? They Warned Her He Would Be Trouble. But a Killer? What a Long, Strange Journey, To Find The Music Love, Hatred and Jealousy. But Also Regret. Technology Turned Homicidal The post Sarah, The Walking Disaster appeared first on The Bookcast.