A Coach’s Life-Changing Career Decision

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Summary: Successful football coaches often change jobs. They take on fresh challenges, new opportunities, and find ways to grow as they meet new players and new teams. Jim Overmier had been a very successful high school football coach in Maryland when he accepted the job of quarterbacks coach on the staff at Gallaudet University, which had just attained NCAA Division Three status. A friend advised him to keep a journal, because this was not going to be an ordinary assignment. And it wasn’t. Gallaudet is the world’s only university dedicated to the education of the deaf and hard of hearing. Jim Overmier is neither of those. His experience coaching football at Gallaudet is the basis of his new book “Silent Count.” More below the media player. Listen to Jim Overmier Similar Posts: Learn to See Your Book The Way An Editor Does If She Fails, All Humankind Suffers the Consequences Ride the Indie Author Wave At The Bookcast What We Can All Learn From a College Rowing Team Why Settle For Just One Career? The post A Coach’s Life-Changing Career Decision appeared first on The Bookcast.