Faulty Approaches Episode 4: Crosswind Considerations (Small/iPhone Size)

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Summary: UND CFIs Mike Lents and Anthony Bottini round off the last part of the four part series: "Faulty Approaches and Landings." This final episode discusses numerous hazards that can threaten an otherwise solid approach when a crosswind condition is present. Since most approaches and landings are executed during some kind of crosswind situation, it is advised that each pilot use this episode to review crosswind landing techniques to really hone their crosswind skills and hopefully avoid crosswind hazards such as touching down in a crab, the dreaded ground-loop and/or experiencing a wing rise after touchdown. We hope you've enjoyed this four part series. Let us know what you thought by sending our UND AeroCast staff an email at undaerocast@aero.und.edu and stay tuned for a bunch of future episodes. By the way, as usual, a huge thanks goes out this time to Timothy and Bret for sending us some truly stunning fan photos. Thanks fellas!