Episode 95 - Michael James, Kat, Drew & Spencer & Tom Ballard!

Gay Savvy Podcast show

Summary: Gay Savvy continues to turn a corner in 2014 with our Sassy new format and string of new panelists helping take control and bring you a brilliant new show! This week we introduce new Panelist Drew and welcome back Michael James, Kat & Spencer. We feature our newest segments, Freak of the Week, You know what I love? and everyone's favourite, What's got your goat? Also featured in this weeks show is the hilarious Aussie comic and former Triple J Breakfast host, Mr Tom Ballard! He joined us on the phone to chat about his new show UnAustralian-Ish! Be sure to subscribe, rate and review our show and don't forget to join us on Twitter & Facebook! @Gaysavvy