The Most Ridiculous Relationship Ever. A True Story.

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Summary: Have you ever met a man that makes you act foolish? You are in good company. Melanie Moore tells the story of the most ridiculous relationship ever, in her new memoir, “Tomato Stakes.” By her own account, Mel was a free spirited gypsy who needed no man. She had her crazy cousin to fill her days. They drank until they couldn’t stand. They drove people insane. They were inseparable The secret, though, was that Melanie Moore and Melissa Moore weren’t really cousins. After Melissa moved away Melanie wasn’t sure how she was going to keep herself busy. So she started to plot her life around a man who didn’t even know she was alive. Their paths crossing again depended on one thing: tomatoes. More below the media player. Listen to Melanie Moore Similar Posts: Something Spicy to Cleanse Your Palate Inside A Successful Writer’s Imagination Trapped Between Life and Death – What Will She Do? One Family’s Story of Coming to America How to Get Me to Like Your Book The post The Most Ridiculous Relationship Ever. A True Story. appeared first on The Bookcast.