GFY 045: Building a Creative DIY Online Business From Scratch

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Summary: Interview with Pete Sveen (founder of What if you could live anywhere in the world, make cool stuff, videotape how you did it, and companies would pay to sponsor you? That’s a pretty awesome business model, right? On this episode of GFY, I’m hanging out with Pete Sveen—a.k.a DIY Pete—who has done just that by turning his passion for building furniture and modern rustic decor into a profitable online business. Pete is an avid entrepreneur and outdoorsman from Bozeman, Montana. After he graduated college, Pete packed up a U-haul and moved to Montana to start a business. Today, he owns a niche e-commerce store named which makes and sells ski and trail signs. In addition, he runs two niche blogs: (1) which is blog and podcast devoted to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. (2) in which he provides instructional plans and videos to facilitate Do-It-Yourself building projects. It’s not just a fluke that Pete has founded several successful businesses while still in his 20’s. Listen up to this episode to find out how he did it and how you can do it, too! Cool stuff mentioned in this episode: Real Mean Real Style Check out my article in which I talk more about Pete   Did this podcast rock your world? Let’s try some reverse psychology: If you liked this podcast, don’t review it on iTunes at Just don’t think about the warm fuzzy feeling that you’ll get to participate in the show. And please for the love of God don’t tell anyone about this episode by using the social share icons below. The post GFY 045: Building a Creative DIY Online Business From Scratch appeared first on Go Fire Yourself.