RYG 024 Reinvention made Easy

Finding Your Voice for Life Direction show

Summary: Brainstorm with Joel and Pei: Camari asks how he can best transition into an exciting, new, entrepreneurial adventure. His dream: CREATE - GROW - MONETIZE his podcast. The coaches challenge him with a specific action step and invite him back on the show for an accountability update. (BTW - if you, like Camari, have a hunger to make money from your podcast, there's no one who knows how to do it better than my buddy John Lee Dumas. Check out his training. Experts segment: OK. You're right. Nothing worth having comes easy. But with the right advice, tools, and strategies, things can be made much easier. The Queen of Reinvention - bestselling author, trainer, speaker, and relationship marketing expert Carol Wain joins us on the show. In addition to her own business, she's also partnered with Jay Conrad Levinson to write Guerilla Tourism. Path of Development – Because of some bad hiring decisions and the mistake of trusting the wrong people, in 2008, she ended up losing the business she had poured her heart and soul into; bringing her back to square one. Best business advice she's ever received - (Given to her by her dad), "Relationships are the lifeblood of your business." Success tips – 1) Distance yourself from people who don't see or support your vision; 2) Family support is key. Biggest AHA moment - Before your build your business, know yourself, your values, and what you want in life. Book that influenced her the most - Blue Ocean Strategy - How to Create Uncontested Market Space ... by W. Chan Kim.  Action steps (if she had to start over again tomorrow) - An easy one for Carol considering she did have to start over in 2008. 1) Figure out THE ideal life; 2) Decide "who" to serve and "why"; 3) Understand what her ideal clients need; 4) Find a product, service, and/or solution that meets the need. Free resource from Camari: 1.5 page biz plan and 7 sentence marketing plan. Like most business development ideas, reinvention made easy is a combination of art and science. Follow Carol on Twitter and Facebook.