Working Mother Radio show

Summary: This hour of Working Mother Radio is coming to you again from the 2013 Multicultural Women’s National Conference in New York! At the top of the hour, host Bettina Bush sits down with Christina Butler, a recent graduate from Pace University, to talk about her life’s ambitions. Then Bettina talks to Lourdes Diaz, the VP of Diversity Relations for Sodexo, to find out why they’re sponsoring the event. Candace Matthews, the CMO of Amway, pops in to discuss how her family has supported her to become who she is today. Coaching Consultant Ann Jenrette-Thomas stops by to talk about her book, "Smashing the Inner Glass Ceiling". Lastly, we’re visited by Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, a Wal-Mart Executive, who wears red shoes with a purpose and has a unique way of looking at individuals in a workplace.