GFY 043: The Secrets to Starting Two Multi-Million Dollar Businesses

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Summary: Interview with Mike Kawula ( How would you feel if you simultaneously started two businesses and both hit the million dollar mark in record time? You’d probably feel pretty damn good, right? Well, that’s exactly what happened with my guest on this episode—Mike Kawala—and it wasn’t just dumb luck that propelled him to the top. After college, Mike started out working on Wall Street and spent the next 7 years of his life in the rat race until he decided to buy a franchise and start living his entrepreneurial dreams full-time. Since then, he has built and sold two multi-million dollar businesses and has channeled his years of experience into his latest venture—The Self Employed King—where he helps other business owners achieve the financial success they desire. On this episode, you’re going to discover his fool-proof business-building strategies for online AND offline businesses and find out how you can follow in his footsteps. You don’t want to miss this one! Cool stuff mentioned in this episode: Self Employed King (Mike’s website) HARO (Help a Reporter Out) Did this podcast rock your world? Let’s try some reverse psychology: If you liked this podcast, don’t review it on iTunes at Just don’t think about the warm fuzzy feeling that you’ll get to participate in the show. And please for the love of God don’t tell anyone about this episode by using the social share icons below. The post GFY 043: The Secrets to Starting Two Multi-Million Dollar Businesses appeared first on Go Fire Yourself.