Open Forum Discussion: Valentine's Day 'Potpourri' with Lauren Messervey

Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie show

Summary: Huffington Post Opinion Writer Lauren Messervey joins "Upfront & Straightforward" Host Alan Roger Currie just two weeks after her first guest spot, this time to discuss a variety of topics related to dating and relationships, and male-female interactions, including: - Are there any benefits for single heterosexual men in maintaining a purely platonic friendship with a (single) woman? - Should men allow women to initiate a desire for casual sex? - Why do women go crazy over men who are famous? - Why are so many women willing to be a married man's "mistress" or "on-the-side" woman? - General feedback from listeners More on Lauren Messervey Alan Roger Currie's previous interview with Lauren Messervey Alan Roger Currie's books and eBooks on Get the Audiobook version of Alan Roger Currie's 'Mode One'' book for FREE!