Law Professor David DeWolf on the History of the Santorum Amendment

Intelligent Design The Future show

Summary: On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin interviews Discovery Institute Senior Fellow David DeWolf, a law professor at Gonzaga University School of Law and author of the 2009 law review article “The ‘Teach the Controversy’ Controversy” on the history of the “Santorum Amendment.” In the podcast, DeWolf and Luskin discuss the 2001 “Santorum Amendment,” which encouraged schools to teach the scientific controversy over biological evolution. The amendment, submitted by then-Senator Rick Santorum, passed the Senate by a vote of 91-8, and its language was later adopted by Congress into the Conference Report of the 2001 No Child Left Behind act. Listen in as they talk about what the Santorum Amendment said, and how it shows U.S. Congress endorsed teaching the scientific controversy on evolution.