GFY 040: Digital Marketing in Action for Small Online Businesses

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Summary: Interview with Cristina Roman ( Some entrepreneurs don’t get a chance to “fire” themselves before their employer does it for them. That’s exactly what happened to Cristina Roman. One day she’ll happily employed at Living Social and the next day they do a round of layoffs and all of sudden, she’s jobless, business-less and doesn’t have a clue what do to. But did she get another job? No way. She took the loss of her job as an opportunity to become her own boss and build two businesses from scratch. Cristina’s two businesses are (1) CMR Strategies—where she is a digital marketing consultant, business & career coach and runs productivity seminars & courses, and also (2) One Woman Shop—which is a resource and community for female solopreneurs. Get the inside scoop about how Cristina went from working a day job to now helping other small business owners never have another case of the Monday’s. Stuff mentioned in this episode: FollowerWonk CMR Strategies Did this podcast rock your world?     Let’s try some reverse psychology: If you liked this podcast, don’t review it on iTunes at Just don’t think about the warm fuzzy feeling that you’ll get to participate in the show. And please for the love of God don’t tell anyone about this episode by using the social share icons below. The post GFY 040: Digital Marketing in Action for Small Online Businesses appeared first on Go Fire Yourself.