There’s Something (Odd) About Gilbert

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Summary: Sheldon Mason has decided he doesn’t want to be a recluse any longer: he’d rather just be dead. But when his upstairs neighbor – a drug dealer named Sam – interrupts his suicide attempt, gets him a job, and believes in him, Sheldon realizes maybe his inner demons are beatable. Of course, then he meets new demons… In Scott Bartlett‘s novel “Taking Stock” Sheldon struggles to make sense of his life, and starts to notice something odd about one of his new co-workers. Gilbert seems to know about Sheldon’s mental health issues – in fact, he seems to know secrets about everyone. And Gilbert sees value in Sheldon.. More below the media player. Listen to Scott Bartlett The Indie Author Life Watch as Scott Bartlett reads an excerpt of “Taking Stock”: Similar Posts: A Girlfriend! A Girlfriend! My Kingdom for a Girlfriend! Battle of Good Vs. Evil, With Christian Undertones What’s Been Going On A Father’s Only True Legacy: Lies Great Summer Indie Reads The post There’s Something (Odd) About Gilbert appeared first on The Bookcast.