No Ordinary Missing Person Case

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Summary: In the mountains of West Virginia, hooded men ambush a group of environmental protestors. An Army colonel’s daughter goes missing, but she wasn’t with the protestors. Now, in David Vinjamuri‘s new thriller “Binder,” ex-operator Michael Herne travels to West Virginia to find her. And as he tracks her he encounters cults, communes and supremacists on the path to unraveling a deadly conspiracy. More below the media player. Listen to David Vinjamuri The Indie Author Life In an enthusiastic recent review, Indie Reader called “Binder”.. “a fast-paced, energetic sequel for Michael Herne followers and those interested in military thrillers” … First person narration creates tension and conveys the cool headedness of Herne’s character, which often works in favor of the story, especially when Herne reveals his cocky attitude and humor. For example when he is tackled by two men and restrained after he was questioned a few moments earlier. His response? “I assume you have more questions for me?” At times, however, this point of view offers too much composure and creates a distance in the narration and with the identification of the protagonist, as in the scene where he is being tortured, “I tried to make it easy for them […] Similar Posts: A Suicide, A Homecoming, and Terror A Deadly Race Is On To Save A 12-Year-Old Girl Why The Indie Author Fear of Skype? Debut Thriller is a Race With Evil Why I Don’t Charge Authors to be Interviewed The post No Ordinary Missing Person Case appeared first on The Bookcast.