THoC Episode #43

The House of Cuckoos Radio Show! show

Summary: Let the festivities ring out! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #43 !!! The 4th Annual House of Cuckoos Christmas Anti-Christmas Special Show Xmas Extravaganza !!! Get your stocking filled with Cuckoo goodness! We hang out with Xmas trees, visit a holiday office party, wrap presents with jittery parents, take a special visit north to Lenny Crambag, get a gift from Patrick Picard, hear a Velocity Boy rant, watch the password game, & sing a song about Xmas in the Bathroom! PLUS, we help solve the mysterious disappearance of Santa Claus & find that adorable lost little elf, Tom Terrific!  It's a great Christmas adventure that will keep your bells a'jinglin'! The House of Cuckoos Radio Show #43 !!! The BEST present you can give yourself!!! .