Music by Marina presents DJ Hell

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Summary: I was a fan of DJ Hell. I wanted to take some pics of him earlier this year for my blog when he played at Nouveau Casino in Paris, his label was ok, and Hell invited me. Everybody told me before coming to the club "Be careful, this guy is very difficult, he acts like a diva, always asks for some special champagne, blah blah". I arrived there 5 minutes before him, the backstage was empty. The promoter asked me to go out the room. "I'm waiting for Hell, I'm a photographer, he invited me". "Are you sure? Because the label asked us to keep his backstage empty..." Hell finally arrived in the backstages, said hello. And was surprised when I answered I was the photographer. "You look young, and all your pictures...". He was excited to have his own portrait "Have you got any ideas for your photos?" "I want to see you in this mirror, want a B&W portrait, that can be cool". I took my bag and got out my dear Sony compact. Surprise again and huge smile. "Do you know who I am? You want to take photos with that? A compact?" "Trust japonese..." :) Then we talked about rock and electro... Now I'm really happy to be invited by Hell each time he goes around and so proud when he says my portrait is his favorite one... And now I know that he doesn't like alcohol except good champagne, and that helps him to speak to people ("people don't know I'm shy"), that he supports the Femen for many years, and so many things I don't want to share :) This is an exclusive mixtape made with indie rock and new wave tracks he likes to listen to at home. Enjoy ♥