Rebound 040: Harsh Realities

Rebound - Life After Foreclosure, Dave Ramsey style show

Summary: iTunes and Stitcher listeners: Visit for show notes and links.Thank you Janet for your generous donation! (Why donate to a random couple trying to get out of debt? Click here.)In this episode, we discuss a turning point in our debt-free journey and once you listen, you'll find out why the entrepreneurship episode was put on hold... for now. One listener's email got our wheels turning, and we're changing directions to reach our goals faster. Listen in for the details!Mentioned in this episode:A debt snowball spreadsheet Bountiful Baskets Christian Personal Finance 10 Day Give Lisa's Fiverr campaign to knit 5 hats for babies in Afghanistan (Thanks to an awesome listener, all 5 hats are paid for!) Knit Pray Love And Swagbucks, pretty much because Lisa can't stop talking about it (affiliate link)