TAP031: Rethinking and More Podcasts about Podcasting

The Audacity to Podcast - A "how-to" podcast about podcasting and using Audacity show

Summary: I'm rethinking the "podcaster's theme" for WordPress, the podcast megasite, and weekly podcast schedule. I also share more podcasts about podcasting. Rethinking the podcaster's theme for WordPress Although well-meaning, I've decided to no longer pursue my pursuits of programming my own WordPress theme for podcasters and instead design on top of a WordPress framework. I'm currently leaning toward Genesis, but there are also Standard Theme and Thesis. Read my original blog post here. Rethinking the podcast megasite After my original blog post and great discussion, I've decided to split the Noodle.mx Network podcasts back into separate sites, but this time run by WordPress Multisite. Switching to biweekly podcasting In order to keep up with my life, I'll be switching The Audacity to Podcast™ to be a biweekly podcast, with the Ramen Noodle™ in between. So the next The Audacity to Podcast™ will be on March 7, then March 21, and so on. More podcasts about podcasting Just because I'm dropping to biweekly doesn't mean you'll miss your podcasting fix! Here are the other podcasts about podcasting, which I enjoy and recommend (listed alphabetically). The Audacity to Podcast™ with Daniel J. Lewis—in-depth explorations of topics, only podcast to feature Audacity Podcast Answer Man with Cliff Ravenscraft—questions and answers about podcasting Podcast Quick Tips with Ray Ortega—short tips for improving your podcast Podcast Starter with James Kennison—podcast tips for the hobbist podcaster Podcasters’ Emporium with Australians James Williams and Dave Gray—thorough overview of topics, presenting lots of options The Podcasters Studio with Ray Ortega—more discussion on topics with some questions and answers Podcasting Advisor with Andy White—in-depth explorations of topics Podcasting from Scratch (possibly podfaded) with Hank Davis—how to podcast from start to finish (listen chronologically!) School of Podcasting with Dave Jackson—covering multiple topics Ask your questions or share your feedback Comment on the shownotes Call (903) 231-2221 to leave a voicemail Email feedback@TheAudacitytoPodcast.com (audio files welcome) Please connect with me Subscribe, rate, and review in iTunes Join the new Facebook Page Follow me on Twitter If you enjoy The Audacity to Podcast™, please subscribe to our other podcasts on Noodle.mx Network: Are You Just Watching?™, the Ramen Noodle™, and Christian Meets World™. Find more podcasts about technology on the Tech Podcasts Network.