TAP089: Is FeedBurner still necessary for blogging and podcasting?

The Audacity to Podcast - A "how-to" podcast about podcasting and using Audacity show

Summary: Is FeedBurner still relevant and useful to bloggers and podcasters? I share 8 things FeedBurner can do, and 8 things it can't or shouldn't do, and let you decide based on your needs. FeedBurner is for those who don't know everything 8 things FeedBurner can do 1. Keep your feed portable/protected 2. Estimate subscription stats 3. Enable email subscriptions 4. Keep your feed online during a website crash 5. Change/override information in your feed 6. Add Google AdSense 7. Make a web-app-friendly feed 8. Integrate with Google Analytics 8 things FeedBurner can't/shouldn't do 1. Create a podcast feed with "SmartCast" 2. Measure accurate download stats 3. Implement 301-redirects or "new-feed-url" 4. Correct some mistakes 5. Fix feed problems 6. Optimize your RSS feed 7. Keep your feed immediately updated 8. Maintain branding If you want total control, don't use FeedBurner Podcasting poll: Do you use FeedBurner? Links and shownotes at http://theaudacitytopodcast.com/89 FEEDBACK Call (903) 231-2221 Email feedback@TheAudacitytoPodcast.com Send a voice message from http://TheAudacitytoPodcast