Lemon & Olives Greek Cultural Podcast- Introduction!

Lemon And Olives Greek Cultural Podcast: Exploring The Culture Of Greece show

Summary:   Hello everyone! Both Jane and I are very excited to introduce our, "Greek Cultural Podcast." As we've said in the past, we believe that when you learn a little about the country in which you're cooking the food, it makes it taste a little better :) That led us to create our Greek Culture posts. We've got a lot of good feedback and have decided to make them available in a format beyond reading them here on this site - by introducing our podcast. With each new cultural post (we're going to start doing 2 a month), you'll have the option to listen to either Jane or myself read them and talk a little bit more about the topic. We're very excited to try something new and take a shot at podcasting. We've just submitted our link to iTunes, so we don't have any official subscription button yet, but rest assure we'll let you know when we do! We expect each session to last about 7-10 minutes. It's just some Greek cultural tidbits for you to listen to. As they say, learning a new culture widens the mind and deepens the spirit. We'll have more information and our first full length podcast soon!