Episode 17 - Making healthy choices, don’t forget the cookware

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Summary: Bepreparedchannel.com Welcome to the Be Prepared Channel.  Today we are going to talk about how prepping or being a survivalist can and should improve your health as we choose healthier living, healthier lifestyles, and healthier eating.  Many of us are keenly aware of the perils of GMO foods, and the dangers of eating sugar, carbohydrates, hydrogentated oils, and processed foods.  As we wake up and clue into these dangers and questionable eating habits we start to change our eating habits.  We start to look for fresh foods, non-GMO crops, and organics.  We search out healthier oils and fats.  We look for wholesome real foods, and not something processed in a box.  These are all good things to do and speaking for myself I found that by changing my food choices my health has improved.  I have lost a lot of weight, feel much better, and can see how my health has improved.  But what good does it do to change your foods if your still cooking in cookware that is dangerous to you and your family?  Healthy food starts with healthy cookware. Teflon or non-stick cookware is in fact dangerous and unhealthy.  This product is in your food, in your bloodstream, and is carcinogenic.  It is released in the air when heated, and can kill birds in your house.  It is linked to a flu like symptoms in people.  Maybe it is time to rethink your choice of cookware? Just do a quick google search on the "dangers of teflon" and you will get more than you can imagine. http://www.naturalnews.com/026678_Teflon_iron_cookware.html Article on cast iron(while I disagree with several of thing things Paul states about cast iron) that points out that some of the old cast iron is of very high quality and commanding a premium today.  I personally don't think it is worth it, and I explain why in this podcast