Solving the Problems of the World?

Warrior Talk Radio show

Summary: WARRIOR SUNDAY SERMON. Every week I slow it down for a 30-45 minute Warrior Style Spritual Conversation. You will hear references to Power, Practicle and Productive ways of experiencing the TRUTH within you. This will not be your TYPICAL Sunday Service but I can tell you that it will Ignite you Soul in Ways that will Drive you as a Warrior to Living, Leading and Liberating your World in ways you have never considered before. I WILL BE FOCUSING WEEKLY ON TEACHING that will guide you through FOUR POWERFUL PHASES. 1.  Awakening:  Causing a shift in the way you see things. 2.  Activation:  Igniting the Personal power within to act. 3.  Application:  Guiding you to the simple steps of execution. 4.  Acceleration:  Challenging you to Speed up results. Welcome to the Warrior Sunday Sermon. Today's TOPIC? SOLVING THE PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD! Enjoy. Love and Light, Garrett J White - The Master Coach Mentor