Standup Comedy Exposed

Naturist Living Show show

Summary: An interview with comedians who performed nude for the first time; plus Facebook censorship, Bare Oaks on Google Streetview, an open letter to an anonymous complainant, the problem with sarongs, and Felicity & Jordan from YNA speak about tolerance. Links to items mentioned in the show: Facebook advertising rulesFacebook community standards – a.k.a. censorship Inside Facebook's Outsourced Anti-Porn and Gore Brigade, Where 'Camel Toes' are More Offensive Than 'Crushed Heads'Bare Oaks in Google StreetviewEpisode 55, May 2013 – Marketing NaturismGoogle Certified photographer programResponse to anonymous on blogEpisode 8, June 2009 – Why Clothing-Optional Does Not WorkYNA Blog about their support of Artists 4 Israel Golan ProjectFelicity and Young Naturists America (YNA)The Mary Janes of ComedyPlay now Episode LIX Image: Erica Stevens from Naked News at Yuk Yuks on Dec. 4, 2012 from