How Do You Handle Feedback?

Warrior Talk Radio show

Summary: WELCOME TO THE WEEKEND WAKE UP! Better know as Fired Up Friday. Let's face it most people get fired up because it's Friday only because it give them an excuse to not create any thing for 2 days. What If I told you that for the Modern Warrior the Weekend was the time when the deepest revelation and insight was available?   What if I told you that you Goal was to Speed up through the Weekend when everyone else slowed down?   What if I told you the speed up was going to simply be processing the way you think about the world you operate in? Join me every Friday as I take on a tought topics and challenging ways of seeing the world and provide practicle, no bullshit steps to being successful with your: Body, Being, Balance and Business. During today's 30 minute Explosion you will be taken on a journey of discovery on the following topic: FEEDBACK. How do you handle the non-stop information that is coming at you from people close to you and not so close to you who all have opinions about... HOW YOU SHOULD LIVE. Today's topic will transform the way you think. JOIN ME LIVE or Stream On Demand. Love and Light, Garrett J White - The Master Coach Mentor