How To Study For The MCAT

The Pre-Med Podcast show

Summary: Episode 26: Learn the "Master Key" to taking notes and converting them for the Free Recall Study Method. Dr. Dan discovered it independently and, years later, found that he was not alone. In this episode, I'm going to tell you exactly how to prepare your notes from class and employ the free recall method. Something like one or two weeks before your exams to give you a serious boost to your exams scores. Now this is no BS, this is no hype. I'm just excited about it. Apollo audio books actually uses this exact same format which I discovered on my own as a pre med in all of their professional medical school audio courses. And right now, I'm in negotiations with Princeton review for you guys, to get them to create a full blown MCAT version. Highlight only notes or passages that you DON"T ALREADY KNOW Record these high yield notes in a Question-Pause-Answer format Listen to them throughout the day But you do not have to wait one or two years. By then you may already be in medical school. I truly hope you are. I'm going to teach you right now, exactly how to use the wisdom behind this study method in your daily operations of undergrad courses. And for your MCAT review. You do not have to wait. Let's get started now.   I want to start of explaining this format by exactly what kind of pressures and needs triggered me to discover this secret on my own. Going back to the time when I got out of the army and took on a job as a phlebotomist, for two years straight, as a full time student in pre med I worked from Friday afternoon at five until Sunday at midnight on call to be a phlebotomist and drive around a tri-state area covering hundreds of miles and drawing blood in nursing homes usually stat orders that didn't necessarily qualify these elderly people to go to the hospital but couldn't wait until Monday. I sort of cover these places on the weekend. Which meant I drove hundreds of miles every weekend, the troll truck I was in used to hurt my back, the whole story, you get the idea.   MCAT STUDY TECHNIQUE   The challenge as a pre med though, was I really needed study time. That was a problem because starting Friday afternoon, my pager would start going off and I couldn't sit in front of the book. So that was a big pressure situation. I made decent money back then, and this was around 2000 when I got out and was a pre med and for the next two years before medical school. And while I was actually driving, I got paid mileage too on top of $9 an hour. It worked out to something like $17 an hour if I was on the road. It wasn't bad money at all. And with my military benefits, I could afford to live on my own in an apartment and things like that, you know.   So I was kind of strived for cash, totally strived for time, yet I need to ace my courses. And I did pretty much ace my courses. I did graduate with 3.85 magna cum laude at MI University in Biology. So that was pretty good. I figured out a way, to study without sitting in front of books. It did require some preparation during the week. But let me go through that process of the things I tried and what worked and what didn't. First of all, the funny thing, and fun thing about this is, my portable recording device was a cassette tape recorder. This was only 11 years ago from the time of this recording. Now I'm using a – several hundred dollar digital device with a microphone and a podcasting studio at my home. Things have changed a lot. And there are some specific advantages to the digital voice recorders that are out there in Wall Mart and Best Buy and everything right now.   MCAT MP3s   Okay. So when I first decided that, "Hey, recording my notes and reading them on to a recorder and then hitting the road and driving around, and doing the blood draws that I had to do was a great idea. That's exactly what I did. I first started by just taking my notes that I had written in class from Monday through Thursday an