7 MCAT Tips – When All Other Efforts Have Failed

The Pre-Med Podcast show

Summary: Episode 39: Short of getting a literature degree, find out Dr. Dan's expanded resource and study tips that can help you overcome the MCAT if you have been plagued by repeated, unsatisfactory scores. MCAT Statistics   Two-thirds of entering medical students have a science undergraduate background and often struggle with the MCAT Verbal Reasoning section. Despite repeated attempts to increase a sub-par MCAT score, a substantial percentage of students that take the MCAT again and again are unable to increase their MCAT score impressively.   Having doubts about the MCAT?   I know I did. After 2 months and $2,000 paying for a “professional” MCAT Prep Course, my MCAT score did not go up. Are you in that situation too? If not, try to avoid it – take it from me!   The MCAT is the most unusual test you’ll ever take. It goes into painstaking detail about topics that you’ve never heard about, unlike ‘most’ final exams. J   If this sounds like you, then pay attention.   Top 7 MCAT Tips – When All Other Efforts Have Failed   Do these in order, like a checklist:   Watch this video on how to Master the MCAT. Study the Silver Bullet MCAT book by Dr. Brett Ferdinand. Take real AAMC – released, old MCAT tests only. As you study, determine the patterns of mistakes that you are making on the old MCAT tests. (use #1 and #2 above to help you figure this out) Immerse yourself in the “language” of Verbal Reasoning if that section is troubling you. Read passages DAILY until you take the MCAT from Atlantic Monthly, New York Times, and similarly cerebral sources. Then, do the following with each passage: AA Determine what the author’s opinion is about the topic. B) Determine what an opposing view might be. C) Become a critic of every passage you read, whether you agree or not, and construct arguments that would go against the author’s opinion. Begin thinking of your MCAT troubles in a positive way using the Success Story Format. Attend regular, live Medical Mastermind Community Teleconferences and use the private, members-only My Blog to track your progress and continue learning. Here’s the link to the Google Calendar that can be “added to your Google Calendar” at the bottom for automatic reminders of the upcoming Medical Mastermind Community Teleconference Series.