Tales of Old 57 Seven Songs

Tales of Old show

Summary: By Patrick Glancy  link to Patrick's screenplay Read by Mark Vevers    link to Mark's blog Setting: Britain in the 1300's “Hear ye, hear ye,” he bellowed. “My lord and master, the honorable Earl of Northumberland, has need of entertainment. Be there a jongleur or troubadour among ye? If there be, my lord is prepared to offer him a handsome, nay spectacular payment in exchange for his services, should he render them to my esteemed lord’s satisfaction.” He paused for a moment, scanning his eyes across the room, and finishing in a moderately quieter and more informal tone. “Are there any takers?” No one moved or said anything right away. I could see the innkeeper coldly staring at me from behind the bar, silently imploring me to keep my mouth shut. Unfortunately, I’ve never quite mastered that trick. After a moment, I cleared my throat and got to my feet. “Henry Larksong, troubadour extraordinaire,” I announced with a slightly theatrical bow. “At your service.”