Alive Inside 04: The Barrier EXPLICIT

Darker Projects: Alive Inside show

Summary: Warning - contains strong language Listen to: Alive Inside 04: The Barrier (29:00, 24.5MB mp3, released 2006.06.04) Created and written by Eric Busby and Donald O. Copp In their continuing quest across a Post Apocalyptic America to reach Portland, Oregon, and find a way to complete the vaccine against the Plague which causes the dead to rise, the four adventurers, Lyle, Adam, Kerri and the cynical alchemist Simon Jones, encounter a Barrier across their path that is more than just a physical wall. Will they be able to tear down not only the physical wall, but also the barriers of suspicion and fear to reach the other side? Will the greater good for mankind and the Hope for a better world win, or will the remnants of the final military order to maintain duty and secure the barrier stop them before they can finish their quest to save humanity? Featured in the cast were: Mark Kalita as Lyle Kara Dennison as Kerri Morgan Jeffery as Simon Elie Hirschman as Adam Also featuring Jim Barbour as Cutter Seth Adam Sher as Blaire Special thanks to Caven Scott for the open monologue This episode was produced and directed by Eric Busby Post-production by Matt McLaren