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Producing Unscripted: Make Reality TV Shows and Documentary Series with Joke and Biagio show

Summary: Want to make reality TV, documentary series or unscripted specials? So did we. But when you're just starting out, how in the heck do sell documentary series or make reality tv? Seems like it wasn't that long ago we were living in our one bedroom apartment, creating show ideas, editing pitch reels -- and wondering what to do next. We didn't know a single person in Hollywood. It was impossible to get networks or production companies to take our calls. And agents...well, they wanted nothing to do with us. Breaking in seemed impossible. The two of us decided then and there that if we were ever successful, we'd find a way to reach out to aspiring producers and filmmakers. Fast forward to today. We own a successful TV and Film Production Company, we're currently working on three TV series and a handful of television pilots. We produce documentaries, make reality tv shows, and love every minute of it. And we're launching this podcast, Producing Unscripted. In episode 1 we break down: Why we're doing this podcast, and what's in it for you. Who the heck we are, and why that can help you. How to get started pitching your shows to us Joke's advice on the one thing you should do before even thinking about pitching Unscripted Television. What we have in store for you over the course of this series. Related Links Our Shows: Pitch us a Show: We Want to Make a Show With You Our doc Dying to do Letterman Makes New and Noteworthy with Brave, Dark Knight Rises, Beasts of the Southern Wild, and Ted Behind the scenes posts on our show Scream Queens If you want to pitch television, you need to do this. Transcript coming soon! Remember, to find out how to pitch to us, or to get great, real-world tips on pitching and selling unscripted television and how to make reality tv, sign up for our newsletter: “Joke & Biagio met with us when no one else would, developed our show, and sold it to MTV.” – Travis Bible, Co-Executive Producer, Caged