Pitch Reality TV Shows and Documentary Series With These 5 Magic Words

Producing Unscripted: Make Reality TV Shows and Documentary Series with Joke and Biagio show

Summary: We're guessing you want to pitch reality tv shows and documentary series. After all, you're here, reading and listening, which already puts you miles ahead of most of the people who pitch reality tv shows to us. Now, we're going to give you five magic words that will make all the difference. Yes, in the past I've teased things wrapped in spoiler tags to encourage you to get the revealing answer from the podcast itself. But if you haven't already hit the big play button floating above this post, too bad. The 5 Magic Words to Pitch Reality TV Shows and Documentary Series Are... Self-Contained Arced Format Docu Hybrid There you go! Oh, wait a minute, would you like to know what those words mean and how to use them when you pitch reality tv shows and documentary series? Of course you would. That's why today, on episode 005 of Producing Unscripted, we break down: The 5 magic words and how to use them when you pitch reality tv shows, doc series, or unscripted television specials The very first question Joke will ask you when you pitch reality tv shows to her (better know how to answer it!) The difference between Self-Contained and Arced shows, with specific examples, and how you can figure it out yourself. Format, Docu, Hybrid -- how these words mix with Self-Contained and Arced to properly present a show concept, and why you need to know. Why success pitching reality tv shows and doc series is giving Biagio separation anxiety. The Words Pros Use to Pitch Reality TV Shows and Doc Series Are these words really magic? Top secret? The amazing tool we're making them out to be? Yes. Like every profession, there's certain ways insiders talk to each other in the unscripted entertainment business. The right words are like a secret hand-shake: they let the person sitting across from you know that you belong. When we pitch reality TV shows, doc series, specials, whatever--we start off our pitches using some combination of the words above. Sound Like a Pro If someone walks in to our offices and says, "This is a self-contained format" or "I see this as an arced hybrid" (or something close to that) we know they've been around the business long enough to know what they're talking about. If, on the other hand, they being with, "I've got a great idea..." well, forget about it. When you use these words correctly it gives us a level of comfort. You've shown us you've either worked in the business or taken the time to educate yourself. After listening to today's podcast, when you set out to pitch reality TV shows or doc series, you're going to sound like a pro. Helpful and Related Links Our show Caged - a docu-leaning hybrid Our show Scream Queens - an arced format Our show Commercial Kings - a self-contained format Our show Ghost Inside My Child - a self-contained format Our show Secrets, Lies, and Sex - a docu Transcript coming soon! Okay, you've taken a big step to sounding like a pro. Now take the next step to becoming one. Sign up for our newsletter and you'll learn how to submit your unscripted concepts to us, as well as how to develop, pitch, and sell reality tv shows and documentary series, and improve your filmmaking skills. From time to time we'll even tell you exactly what we're looking for: “Joke & Biagio met with us when no one else would, developed our show, and sold it to MTV.” – Travis Bible, Co-Executive Producer, Caged